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Agroecology Over the Phone

Actualizado: 4 ene 2022

One of the important ecoservices we offer at Humans for Abundance are the agroecology workshops for our ecological restorers; these courses are open to anybody from the Amazon region who is interested in restoring the rainforest, and they are free of charge for the participants.

Before Covid-19, the theoretical portion of the workshops took place in a community hall. The practical part took place in the fields, where, for example, the participants learned how to build structures for agroecology, or to make fertilizer.

Due to the state of emergency, the workshop instructor, Didier Galindo, has not been able to reach Mushullakta... physically.

We decided the workshops couldn't wait, so we took advantage of the available technology and connected Didier and the community via cell phone and through WhatsApp.