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Converting farms into native forests: more families join in!

Actualizado: 30 dic 2021

One of our proudest moments this year was when two more families voluntarily requested to be part of the ecological restoration process that we started almost two years ago. They want to turn their farms back into rainforests!

The Narváez-Yumbo family and the Narváez-Andi family have decided to become regenerative farmers and join Humans for Abundance as restorers. Both of these families have committed to this major change because they understand that more sustainable practices mean more food security for them.

Just like the pandemic has been a wake-up call for people in industrialized countries, both of these families realized that they were totally reliant on outside sources to feed their families. This is a huge change from a couple of generations ago, when their ancestors relied on the forest and their farms for all of their needs, and were independent of the outside world.

Over the last 40 years, they have seen the 'naranjilla' and timber companies move in, and have witnessed the disappearance of animals, young people, and ancest