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How Can We Relearn to Live With Nature in a Way That Allows for Abundance?

Actualizado: 6 may 2022

With commentary by Paula Iturralde Pólit

The Sumaco Volcano seems to emerge through the trees of the Sumaco-Galeras Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Its summit is over 3800 m.a.s.l. but to walk to the highest point, you will have to cross paths surrounded by lush vegetation from 1500 m, where it is still a tropical rain forest. You will pass through the pre-montane forest, montane forest, Andean forest, and then the paramo and the rocks. Each ecosystem seems to be separated from the previous one by a magical window because, oddly enough, the change in vegetation is radical. There will be no way that the change in vegetation will go unnoticed.
Sumaco Volcano, Ecuador

A symbiotic way of living with nature