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How Does Achieving Gender Equality Boost Forest Sustainability?

Actualizado: 18 abr 2022

Gender equity, like social justice, implies recognising the abilities, knowledge, culture, and traditions of the entire population without relegating anyone because of their gender, social condition, race, or ethnicity. No decision that directly or indirectly affects the whole population should be taken without considering everyone’s reality.

By partnering with initiatives that are either women-led or value and count on women as guiding forces, you are allowing for a different vision to make its way and address forest restoration and conservation with a different lens.

Women from the Mushullakta community of restorers

I recently found a publication detailing the wisdom of the Kichwa culture in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I’d love to say I came across this publication by chance, but I must confess that it was a purposeful search while gathering data and facts for what you are about to read here. I am infuriated by how little we know about these communities because the study of their history and culture does not seem to get the attention it deserves.