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Our Model for Regenerative Futures

Actualizado: 4 ene 2022

Vision: To lead the largest and most impressive movement of humans toward the restoration and conservation of the planet's ecosystems and their biodiversity.

Mission: Inspire people to restore and conserve the planet's ecosystems and biodiversity by taking small actions that together have a large-scale positive impact.

Our Story: Humans For Abundance was born out of a dream to heal humanity’s relationship with the earth. While touring the Ecuadorian corner of the Amazon Rainforest, Chochi, our founder, was captivated by the vibrant lives of the beings that deem her country one of the richest biodiversity and cultural hotspots in the world.

However, she came to terms with a dark, hidden reality: the homes of local Indigenous communities -- and Ecuador’s most vital ecosystems -- continue to be devastated by extractive oil industries whose design of global oil dependency deems their operations powerfully unending.

Today, visitors can observe methane-emitting gas flares in place of native Guayacan and Copal trees, and barren land where there was once abundant flora and fauna. When she learned that her forefathers played a role in absolving said industries of their financial responsibility to Amazonian Indigenous communities, her dream quickly became a personal duty.

Chochi and her siblings set out to address this injustice.

In learning about the extent of the environmental and cultural harm rampant in the Amazon, they soon saw that changing the conditions of injustice in affected communities is not as simple as planting native trees and removing oil pools.