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When the BBC Tells your Story, Good Things Happen

Actualizado: 4 ene 2022

We are very proud and happy to share with you that, in November, a team from the #BBCWorldService visited Ecuador and Humans for Abundance’s projects in the Amazon rainforest.

The team included Jo Mathys and Daniel Gordon from the program ‘People Fixing the World’, which tracks down people who are using innovative ways to make the world a better place.

First, they visited Omar Tello’s farm, close to the town of Puyo. They did a wonderful job of telling Omar’s story, both for the podcast and for the video of the program ‘People Fixing the World’: 40 years ago, Omar bought a piece of farmland with a very depleted soil, due to many years of having been used as pasture land for cattle. From that moment on, he made it his life’s mission to restore this land to a rainforest. His farm now has an abundance of plant and animal species native to the Amazon jungle, many of which are in danger of extinction.