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When We Learn from the Earth's Abundance, We Create Abundance

Actualizado: 5 nov 2021

In our modern market-driven society, we are constantly fed with reminders of “more”. Scrolling through the internet reveals data-mined ads that leave us longing for more material goods and experiences.

Socializing online can evoke deep-seated longings for more outings, connections, and even love. Living out our work-centric daily routine often leaves us wanting more rest, more time, more space.

Because systemic structures manipulate the way we perceive the world, this insidious, constant push for “more” tends to make its way into our consciousness. Without realizing it, our mindsets become geared towards wanting more and not having enough.

Such omnipresent assumptions quickly turn into beliefs, and our beliefs breed behaviors that ultimately create our collective reality. In other words, we recreate the conditions of the world that we consume. Therefore, when we act from a mindset of scarcity, we create scarcity.