Max and Susana

Their story

Max, his sister Angelina, and their niece Susana live in the Mushullakta community located very close to the Sumaco-Napo-Galeras ecological reserve, in the province of Napo, in Ecuador.


They are restoring and conserving 21 hectares of land: they are planting native trees and rehabilitating wetlands that have been lost, and conserving many hectares of secondary forest, including many old-growth trees that are still standing, healthy and proud. They are also learning about agroecological practices that will allow them to grow food in more sustainable ways.

They are one of many families that inhabit communal lands belonging to the Indigenous Kichwa People of this mountainous part of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. They are the guardians of a nearby reserve. Their project adds to the 64,000 hectares of jungle that are being protected by the Ecuadorian Government in this reserve.

Eco-services offered by Max and Susana