• From his forest, which he restored some 38 years ago, Omar collects seeds from his salvaged trees. As these are fine wood trees, they have become increasingly threatened due to indiscriminate clearing, particularly over the last decade. Omar sows the seeds in bags which he later distributes to indigenous communities near Puyo, who are working to replant them in their forests.



    Collect and replant seeds from endangered trees

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      In Ecuador there are very few forests left that are in good condition and where you can still find ancient trees, which are rare and highly valued for their beauty. Finding seeds from these trees is a difficult task. The process of regrowing them is even more complicated, but it is essential that these species are returned to ecosystems in order to strengthen them. Forests with larger trees are also important because they absorb and retain tonnes of CO2, stopping it from going into the atmosphere. Forest conservation and the replanting of them are two of the most effective things we can do to combat global warming.

      By purchasing this service, you are increasing the rapid replanting of several species of tree that provide shelter, food and protection to wildlife in the Amazon. These trees also have an immensely positive environmental impact for all living beings on the planet.

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