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    Didier Galindo visits the Mushullakta community to make sure that all the knowledge learned in theory is being applied in practice. Thanks to Didier’s regular visits, members of the Mushullakta community have learned to create organic fertilizers to improve their crops, which are now more varied and diverse. They have learned how to improve the soil, so that the plants and trees no longer get ill and are able to produce an ample yield. They have also learned the importance of the relationship between the forest and their crops.

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      According to Project Drawdown, organic farming is one of the most important activities we can undertake if we want to counter the effects of global warming. The way we currently make use of the land means that this living organism (the soil) is dying as a consequence of our monoculture practices the use of chemical pesticides. Sharing this knowledge with communities who take care of and restore the Amazon rainforest is an essential task.

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