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What is this eco-action about?


Trees in the Amazon are in danger of extinction due to their indiscriminate extraction. Many Indigenous families cut these trees down to sell the wood because they depend on this income as they are in vulnerable socio economic positions. By protecting these trees and growing new saplings, you create incentives for these families to keep trees alive.


Every tree that is 35 or older consumes up to one ton of CO2 per year. This is crucial for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming. The greater number of large trees on the planet, the more carbon that will be captured and contained within each tree.

Protect an old-growth tree (100+ years) for a year

  • Who are you partnering with?

    You will be partnering with the 13 families from the community that are working together to regenerate the forests of their farms by reintroducing various types of native trees, endemic and endangered included.

  • Where will your money go?

    Your money will be sent to the Mushullakta families who are restoring their farms by growing native seedlings and planting them in their farms.


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