• 15 USD: protect a tree for one year; choose how many trees you would like to protect.


    Mayra and José are restoring nine hectares of land in Mushullakta: they plant native trees and rehabilitate wetlands, which, little by little, have been lost to deforestation and orange and guayusa crops. Together with their children Kevin, Bryan and Curi, they are pioneers in their community and hope to set an example for their neighbors, so that they, too, can make ecological restorations on their land.


    Mushullakta is a Kichwa community in the province of Napo. The people of Mushullakta are the guardians of the Sumaco-Napo-Galeras ecological reserve, which is next to their communal lands. Humans for Abundance aims to expand these 205,249 hectares of rainforest, which are protected by the Ecuadorian Government.

    Protect an old-growth tree for one year

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    • Why is it important?

      Every tree that is 35 or older consumes up to one ton of CO2 per year. This is very important for reducing the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. The greater amount of large trees that the planet has, the more carbon that is sequestered and held inside the tree.

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