• José and Mayra are restoring their farm by planting native trees and shrubs on a piece of land on which they used to plant naranjillas. They want to revive the long-lost forest by attracting the animal species that used to live there and using sustainable and organic agroforestry techniques to create a forest which can provide food.

    Restore 9 hectares in the Amazon rainforest

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      The vast biodiversity of South America’s tropical rainforests is under threat. Farm-owners cut down the forests to collect wood or to make space for monoculture farming, using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which contaminate the rivers and the soil.

      Regenerative farms are very beneficial for the environment. In this system, food is produced using permaculture and agroforestry systems, within the plants’ native forests, without damaging the ecosystem. A forestry system can then be put in place which yields no more than three or four trees per hectare. These farmers can sell the organic the products that they harvest, while, at the same time, make a living by restoring the ecosystem.

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