Plant native trees in deforested land in the Amazon

Entrustees: José and Mayra Shuguango


$57 por 1 semana de restauración

$204 por 1 mes de restauración

$1099 por 6 meses de restauración

$1978 por 1 año de restauración

Leonidas has planted some native trees on his farm, which he has been recovering for some years. Now he wants to replace his guayusa monoculture with more native trees and shrubs to attract the animals that lived there and make an edible forest with organic and sustainable agroforestry techniques.

Why is this important?

The great biodiversity of the tropical forests of South America is threatened. People who own farms cut down forests for wood or monoculture agriculture, using chemical fertilizers and pesticides that pollute rivers and soil.

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This bioservice is important because these environmentally damaging tactics are being replaced with a healthy and sustainable alternative for everyone on the planet.