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H4A is both a social enterprise legally established in the USA and a non-profit legally established in Ecuador. 

We chose this model because social enterprises are proving to have a greater and more positive impact in the world and they are slowly becoming a powerful way to use business as a force for good. The systems that governments have created in the name of economic growth can be used by organizations like ours to grow rapidly and redistribute economic resources in a different, more equitable way. 

Our approach uses current technology to create a network for collaboration between humans from all over the world.

Using this approach we can:


1. support underrepresented people from the global south by giving recognition to their identities and ways of life. ​Our primary concern is to support them in reawakening ancestral ways of living within their ecosystems.


We can amplify their voices, act as translators, and facilitate their connection with people from other parts of the world.   We can be the bridge where they exchange resources, knowledge, and services while maintaining their native or local language and customs.


We move power from the center to the margins instead of forcing the underrepresented to acculturate to the center. 

2. provide a concrete and impactful way for people from the global north to fight climate change and stop biodiversity loss. 


Western systems have pushed city-dwellers into a position where it is almost impossible to care for nature.


Our habits of consumption have taken hold of everything we do, from the way we eat, to the way we socialize, from the way we educate our kids in schools to the way we build our buildings and houses.


We provide people who are worried about climate change a way to restore vital ecosystems without having to leave their jobs, move to a different country, buy land, learn all the skills needed to help a habitat regain balance, or do all the intense work needed to restore a forest, river, or wetland back into life.  


To restore and conserve the planet's ecosystems and biodiversity by empowering humans who can take real, concrete actions that have large-scale positive environmental and social impact.



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Founder and CEO

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Director of Community Education

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Forest Expert

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Head Scientist and Restoration Manager

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Managing Director

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