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The most frequent questions

  • How can I check progress on land that is being restored?
    We will monitor tree planting and seed collection with an app. We are partners with an organization called RESTOR, who will start monitoring our projects via satellite in the near future. This information will be available for everyone to see. Also, if you buy the eco-actions or annual plans from us, we will do the verification for you and send you monthly reports with photos or videos.
  • Are eco-actions donations?
    No. Through the partnership you make with our restorers, this is a service that they do with you to help the planet’s ecosystems.
  • Where does the money go?
    We have two kinds of plans, annual plans and specific eco-actions. The money we receive from annual plans is distributed among the communities depending on where it is needed the most. If you select a specific eco-action, on the other hand, the money is given to the restorer and specific eco-action you select.
  • Where are we located?
    We are based in Ecuador and are currently working with indigenous communities from Napo and other restorers in Pastaza, Sucumbíos and Santa Cruz, in the Galápagos islands. Our goal is to expand to other areas of Ecuador and to other countries, and the entire world!
  • Why are we pro-profit?
    If we don’t use business models as a force for good, we will continue to decrease our chances of survival. Non-profits don’t have the power, the structure, or the support to really solve climate change and biodiversity loss. They have existed for many years but haven’t really been able to counteract the impact that businesses have had. Businesses around the world need to change into social enterprises if we are to increase our chances of survival.
  • Do we own the lands where eco-actions take place?
    No. We collaborate with the restorer’s own lands.
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