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How Does Language Shape Our Climate Restoration Mission?

When I first saw the name “Humans for Abundance”, I immediately paused to reflect. Here was the name of an environmentalist and climate restoration organization with the word “abundance” in the title. When thinking of the climate crisis, and the fight to reverse it, the rhetoric used is often in direct opposition to the idea of abundance.

Instead, the messaging used almost unilaterally suggests a scarcity mindset. Scarcity of time, resources, nature, political capital, and people who care. It’s not that these claims are untrue. I often have found myself completely engulfed in a doomsday, pessimistic mindset that paralyzes my ability to act and dream of a better future. While H4A acknowledges the realities of climate change and its social implications, they bring something new to the table - a frame of abundance. An abundance of ideas, people, creativity, and the will to make a change.