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What is this eco-action about?


Omar Tello offers this important eco-action to the world. He has a live seed bank in his botanical garden/forest where he collects seeds that are processed, germinated and deliver to communities in the Amazon who are doing reforestation. He will deliver a batch of 100 native seedlings for each purchase. 


In Ecuador, there are very few healthy and thriving old-growth forests left. These ancient trees are now rare and highly valued for their beauty. Finding seeds from these trees and re-growing them is difficult and complicated. However, it's a task that is essential for strengthening these ecosystems. Forests with larger trees absorb and retain huge amounts of CO2, thus preventing this gas from being released into the atmosphere. 


With the replanting of several species of tree this provides shelter, food and protection to wildlife in the Amazon. These trees also have an immensely positive environmental impact for all living beings on the planet.

Deliver native seedlings to communities in the Amazon

  • Who are you partnering with?

    You will be partnering with Omar Tello and his family.

  • Where will your money go?

    Your money will be used to cover for the expenses of seed collection, processing, and storage in a seed bank, to propagate the seeds in a nursery, and to pay for transportation of the seedlings to local communities.  

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