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The destruction of nature is a social problem as much as an environmental one: destroying livelihoods leads to destroying habitats which destroys more livelihoods and hence more habitats.

 By ordering eco-actions, you share your resources and empower locals to restore and protect their lands.


 Those who live in the rainforest and other rural areas of Ecuador and Latin America are plagued by economic hardship, social inequality and systemic racism/classism. They need to cover basic needs and are forced to extract and sell natural resources to pay for education, medicine and food. Once they have sold the trees, they see no alternative other than harmful monoculture.


The exchange with co-restorers represents a different alternative for locals, one that creates positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

You restore

socio-economic opportunity for them


They restore

natural resources &

biodiversity for you


Your investment in eco-actions has a direct impact.

 Increased income generation.

 Increased access to education.

Increased access to nutritious foods.

Increased agency and independence.

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Most local communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon live under the poverty line. With little additional support, and in need of income to send their children to school and pay for food and medicine, families often turn to extracting wood or farming with harmful monoculture crops.


By selling their eco-actions to you, our restorers can ignore the incentives of the extractivist industries.

All of our restorers keep the rights to their lands and become independent entrepreneurs who offer honest work that is much needed by the rest of humanity. 


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We partner with people who are committed to doing the hard work that is needed to restore an ecosystem back to its former trajectory. Depending on the conditions of their land, they sign up to do assisted forest restoration, agroforestry, silvopasture, regenerative agriculture, and conservation of biodiversity. 

We prioritize families who live in key habitats but have a difficult socio-economic situation.



Once a our restorers are included in our platform, they are required to take a certain amount of workshops lead by our team. This is where their ancestral knowledge is complemented with modern skills like accounting, entrepreneurship, permaculture and more.

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These exchanges modify people's mindsets and perspectives, and ensure environmental regeneration and protection over the long run.

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