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What is this eco-action about?


This eco-system service includes the delivery of a biochar kit inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi and diverse microorganisms from primary forests of Amisacho. By reintroducing these organisms into the soil, we can:

1.- Sequester more carbon in the soil

2.- Return nutrient cycling and soil fertility
3.- Create soil structure permitting water retention  and air flow
4.- Obtain healthy harvest for the family and the environment
This visit also comes accompanied with videos and instructions in order to help the beneficiary understand the application and care for these microorganisms to maintain living, fertile soils.

Deliver one batch of soil “sourdough’ to a family

  • Who are you partnering with?

    You will be partnering with Lexie and Luis.

  • Where will your money go?

    Your money will be sent to Lexie and Luis.

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