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What is this eco-action about?


This donation provides one 60mL bottle of a double extract of the medicinal mushrooms Reishi (Ganoderma tsugae) and Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) to a cancer patient with economic disadvantages living in environmental injustices. Our extracts are donated through Community Health Therapists trained in alternative therapies that continue to ask for this remedy, which is what inspires Lexie and Luis to continue producing it. This double extract consists of using a Soxhlet extractor to destille and concentrate the medical components through a water decoction and alcohol tincture to create a highly concentrated remedy. Mushroom cultivation and mushroom foraging are dependent on intact forests for species preservation and medicinal harvests.


Deliveries in the provinces of Sucumbíos and Orellana, located in Amazon rainforest of northeastern Ecuador. For over 60 years, this region has been dominated by petroleum extraction, mining, and expanding industrial agriculture and cattle ranches and as a result, these provinces hold some of the highest cancer rates in South America.

Process and deliver medicinal mushroom extracts to people with cancer

  • Who are you partnering with?

    You will be partnering with Lexie and Luis.

  • Where does your money go?

    Your money will be used to harvest, process and deliver the medicine to people with cancer. This money helps Lexie and Luis keep their forest intact, preventing them from having to cut trees to make a living.

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