• Rogelio Simbaña has recently become a restorer for Humans for Abundance and will be leading our agricultural workshops. He is an Indigenous Kichwa man from the Andean region of Ecuador who specialized in permaculture, aquaculture, agroforestry, silvopasture, phytorremediation of grey waters, and bioconstruction.  He started working with communities in the Amazon ten years ago and has a lot of knowledge of native, edible plants that grow well there. 


    Sustainable land managment like permaculture or agroforestry are some of the activities that create the greatest positive impact in the prevention and mitigation of global warming and the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity.

    Deliver two days of agro-ecology workshops to Amazon communities

    • Person in charge:

    • Why is it important?

      According to Project Drawdown, organic farming is one of the most important activities we can undertake if we want to counter the effects of global warming. The way we currently make use of the land means that this living organism (the soil) is dying as a consequence of our monoculture practices the use of chemical pesticides. Sharing this knowledge with communities who take care of and restore the Amazon rainforest is an essential task.

    • How long is this workshop?

      2 days (12 hours)

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