Rogelio Simbaña

His story

Rogelio Simbaña is one of our restorers at Humans for Abundance, and he leads our agricultural workshops. Rogelio is an Indigenous Kichwa man from the Andean region of Ecuador who specialized in permaculture, aquaculture, agroforestry, silvopasture, phytorremediation of grey waters, and bioconstruction. 


He started working with communities in the Amazon many years ago and has a lot of knowledge of native, edible plants that grow well there. 

Now he is dedicated to training people and communities that are interested in having a friendlier relationship with their crops and forests. He uses agroforestry and permaculture methods that do not contaminate or damage the soil or the harvest.

Organic agriculture is one of the activities with the greatest positive impacts for preventing global warming and protecting ecosystems and their biodiversity.

Eco-services offered by Rogelio Simbaña