Omar Tello

His story

Omar in a video made by Dorota Mazur, for Yale Environment 360, a prestigious digital magazine in the USA.

Omar Tello is an Ecuadorian man who, 38 years ago, bought 7 hectares of land that had been completely cleared. Over time, he converted the pasture into a pristine forest. In the beginning, he spent each afternoon and evening removing the pasture grass with a machete, and then he planted trees and shrubs that he had brought from other parts of the forest that were being cut down. Early on, crickets would eat his baby trees, so one by one, he would get rid of them by hand.


As the years went by, his forest grew in size and strength. Now, it attracts thousands of insect species, hundreds of bird species and a large variety of amphibians and reptiles, not to mention mammals. 

Today, his forest is the the Las Orquídeas Botanical Garden, located right on the edge of the city of Puyo, in the province of Pastaza. Each day he receives visitors and teaches them about the importance and the benefits of nature. 

Omar Tello's interview with the BBC

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